Monday, September 4, 2017



When I read about the new GAMO SWARM MAXXIM .177 and .22 caliber break barrel pellet air rifle that allow the shooter to no longer have to hand load each pellet after every shot I was very interested. Now I have tested many of the GAMO air guns but this one really excited me.  This one allows you load 10 pellets into a circular clip and click it into the barrel. When you shoot all you have to do is cock the barrel and the pellet is already there ready for firing. Also on this clip it displays the numbers one through ten that tells you how many shots were taken/left.

As an avid small game hunter I was quite impressed with not only the 10 shot clip but some of the other added features. These include a Whisper noise reduction system, shock wave absorber recoil pad, a newly added gas piston that requires only 30 pounds to cock and a 2 stage trigger action for more accuracy. Also included is a special 3-9x40mm airgun scope.  As for speed which is also important, especially for those of us that want to hunt (small game) with an airgun – this one is very fast. The  SWARM’s  speed (feet per second) using the lead-free light ammo the .177 caliber leaves the barrel at 1300 feet per second  and 975 feet per second for the .22 caliber. Several minutes after reading about the Swarm I was placing my order for the .22 caliber model.

Just a few days later it was delivered, on opening day of the NYS small game season, and I immediately scoped it and headed for my friend’s house that had a range behind his house. It took just 3 shots to sight in and on the fourth shot my friend aimed at and shattered one of the push-pins holding the target. A quick thank you and I headed for the squirrel woods.

The rules are very simple. NYSDEC‘s definition of an air gun is “A firearm that uses spring or compressed air (not gunpowder) to propel a single projectile that is .17 caliber or larger and produces a muzzle velocity of at least 600 feet per second.  Don’t forget you will also need a current NYS hunting license.  For full hunting regulations go to

It did not take long when a squirrel appeared making its way towards me. It was a 15 yard shot and I was right on target. And before I could get up to retrieve the squirrel another two others were coming. Now normally I would have to open the barrel, take out a pellet from the container and put it into the chamber. But with the rotary style magazine I was ready when one came into range. And 20 minutes later I added another; and it all happened in less than an hour. I am very impressed with the SWARM MSXXIUM both in its accuracy and especially the quickness of chambering another pellet. If you have or know of a young shooter/hunter this airgun is a good choice.
NOTE: I also have taken a wood chuck and will shortly be trying for the fixing of a rabbit stew.

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