Tuesday, September 12, 2017


50 years ago (1967) Bill Hilts Sr. and Hans Paller created the NEW YORK STATE OUTDOOR WRITERS ASSN.(NYSOWA) and this year 2017 plans were made for 
a 50th anniversary conference we decided to hold it where it all began -LAKE GEORGE.
As one of a number of members chosen to plan and initiate the 4 day conference Dan Ladd and I and a number of other had various things to do. One of mine was to take care of the what was needed for the Game Dinner. I was to get the making for the dinner. Our choices were Striper fish and venison. The stripper was supply by ED Skorupski and supporting member Dave Vanderzee of Easton View Outfitters the venison. I volunteer to do the deer hunting for a doe hunted in his preserve. 

On the first day of my hunt I saw plenty of deer but the doe must have known I was coming and did not show. What did show was several hogs and Dave gave me the OK to take one of them. Late that afternoon a saw the rear end of one heading through the brush and decided to follow/track it. At about 4 pm the caretaker of the preserve called and said he was leaving. If I stayed and did shoot a boar I would not be able to get it out of the woods on my own. So I decided to call it a day and head up into the wooded hills. I don't think I went 5 yards when I heard a grunt behind me and when I turned there was a BIG pig. SHE WAS HUGE. I did scope her but knew I would never get her down and onto my truck; so i turned and headed out - and so did she. I yelled, waved my hat and even threw a stone at her but she kept coming. fortunately she did not run but she stayed right behind me. 

That evening I called Dave and told him about my encounter and he said she PROBABLY would not hurt me; but I did not like that word "probably." And on the next day before sun up I  was back to find Miss Piggy. Put as I entered the preserve one of the worker said "watch the elk; they have begun their rut. When I got inside I saw several of them and they watched every move I made. I decided to go around them by going along the edge of the swamp and out of their sight. It worked and when there was hill between us I was able to go out into the field. It was time for me to look for miss piggy. I didn't have to wait long because she stepped out of the tall grass and started not running but walking  right for me. And it was then that my Ruger American .308 made sure that there would be plenty of pork for the game dinner. Her estimated weight was "at least 550 pounds."

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