Thursday, September 14, 2017



Now when I entered the preserve that morning I didn’t know it was going to be a TWO EDDIES DAY. This same afternoon Wounded Warrior Eddie Ryan and his dad Chris (Lake George) arrived to see if Eddie could get a big buck; and Dave asked me to help. Having been with him several years ago when he shot an 800 pound elk I knew this kid could shoot.

Around 5 pm we set up a ground blind on the edge of the woods overlooking a large field where both Eddie and his dad. Dave and I had just left the gate and were walking back to the ranch when we spotted a big red stag and behind it was a big whitetail buck. Patiently Eddie waited at when the buck turned broadside his .308 barked; but Dave and I were not sure he had hit it. But we were sure when we saw Chris pushing Eddie’s wheel chair across the field with his thumb up and hollering “GOT ‘EM.”

The shot was about 100 yards and the bullets were perfectly placed for a quick ending. When we got there 3 grown men with tears in their eyes hugged and shook Eddie’s hand. WOW – what a deer that carried 25 points on its head. Back at the ranch Dave scored the rack of Eddie’s buck at 196 7/8 points which will definitely make the Safari Club and Boone and Crockett record books.
Now for those of you that were in the military Eddie Ryan said something to his dad that I haven’t heard in many years that was very amusing. When dad and Eddie were headed into the blind Chris said to his son “I will get your gun.” Eddie smiled and said – “MY RIFLE.”

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