Tuesday, May 2, 2017


(sent from a proud dad) 

My name is Dan Baxter and I live in Galway NY, Saratoga
county and I read your articles on a regular basis. I wanted to send  you a
bragging letter about my son Nathan who is 13 years old . Yesterday May 1st
2017 I accompanied him on his first turkey hunt as a licensed hunter. We got
up dark and early at 0430 and prepped for a long morning off calling and
chasing birds thru the fields of our 60 acre property. We arrived at our
blind that I had set up earlier in the week in preparation for the big day
at 0500. As we nestled in I gave him the pep talk of what could happen if we
see a bird and go over the safety rules and how it was his choice weather to
shoot or pass. I did not want to pressure him into thinking that he must
take the shot just to impress me. I began calling to the birds at 0530 and
right off the bat we heard a gobble from behind. Both are faces lit up and I
knew at that moment he was ready. Over the next fifteen minutes I made the
prettiest cluck and purr sounds that no Tom turkey could withstand. As we
sat in the blind waiting, he heard some leaves rustling to our side and when
we looked we saw a nice hen come out to start feeding , followed by a
second. At that time I told him to be ready because our boy was coming in
from the right of us. A few seconds later , there he was standing straight
in front of us 20 feet away strutting in all his glory. As I looked over at
my son I could see the awe on his face of being so close to them and
watching him do his strut and drumming. At that time I explained that he
needed to slowly take aim, prepare and take a deep breath. I said " get
ready bud and take the shot at your pace " , after watching him and waiting
,what seemed to be 10 minutes ,I hear the rifle go off and I look out and
see that he has taken the best shot ever . Bird down!!! As I looked back at
him I could see him shaking and taking deep breaths, that's when I asked him
how he was and what he felt. He says he is "all good", that's when I told
him that feeling you felt and watching the wild life is what hunting is all
about. It is now only 0557, and although we only got to spend an hour
together that morning, I will remember it for a life time and I hope he does
as well. The tom weighed in at 20lbs with a nine inch beard and one inch
spurs. I have been hunting for 20 years and have never gotten a tom that
big. I am excited that he was able to have the chance and hope that he will
carry on this family tradition with his kids in the future. I am attaching a
picture for you to see. Thanks for your time.

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