Friday, May 26, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


(sent from a proud dad) 

My name is Dan Baxter and I live in Galway NY, Saratoga
county and I read your articles on a regular basis. I wanted to send  you a
bragging letter about my son Nathan who is 13 years old . Yesterday May 1st
2017 I accompanied him on his first turkey hunt as a licensed hunter. We got
up dark and early at 0430 and prepped for a long morning off calling and
chasing birds thru the fields of our 60 acre property. We arrived at our
blind that I had set up earlier in the week in preparation for the big day
at 0500. As we nestled in I gave him the pep talk of what could happen if we
see a bird and go over the safety rules and how it was his choice weather to
shoot or pass. I did not want to pressure him into thinking that he must
take the shot just to impress me. I began calling to the birds at 0530 and
right off the bat we heard a gobble from behind. Both are faces lit up and I
knew at that moment he was ready. Over the next fifteen minutes I made the
prettiest cluck and purr sounds that no Tom turkey could withstand. As we
sat in the blind waiting, he heard some leaves rustling to our side and when
we looked we saw a nice hen come out to start feeding , followed by a
second. At that time I told him to be ready because our boy was coming in
from the right of us. A few seconds later , there he was standing straight
in front of us 20 feet away strutting in all his glory. As I looked over at
my son I could see the awe on his face of being so close to them and
watching him do his strut and drumming. At that time I explained that he
needed to slowly take aim, prepare and take a deep breath. I said " get
ready bud and take the shot at your pace " , after watching him and waiting
,what seemed to be 10 minutes ,I hear the rifle go off and I look out and
see that he has taken the best shot ever . Bird down!!! As I looked back at
him I could see him shaking and taking deep breaths, that's when I asked him
how he was and what he felt. He says he is "all good", that's when I told
him that feeling you felt and watching the wild life is what hunting is all
about. It is now only 0557, and although we only got to spend an hour
together that morning, I will remember it for a life time and I hope he does
as well. The tom weighed in at 20lbs with a nine inch beard and one inch
spurs. I have been hunting for 20 years and have never gotten a tom that
big. I am excited that he was able to have the chance and hope that he will
carry on this family tradition with his kids in the future. I am attaching a
picture for you to see. Thanks for your time.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The Auriemma’s and Andrews kids tournament attracked 32 team and a total attendance of 80 people. And I hope I can get a tom turkey as big as the 8 that did. Leading the way was  Robert Kurharski Jr (13)   22#-13oz  11.25" beard 1-1/8 spurs,His Dad called in the Bird Robert Karharski Sr.  Canajoharie; Jarrett Flanders (14) 22# 8oz  10-3/8" beard 1" spurs called in by Dave Paro & Dwight Flanders; Joshua Hazelton (15) 20#12oz. 8.75" beard 1" spurs Called in by Mark Serafin Amsterdam; Joshua Hazelton (15) 20#12oz. 8.75" beard 1" spurs Called in by Mark Serafin Amsterdam; -Adam Oertel (15) 18#14oz. 10" beard 7/8" spurs called in by Gary Oertel Fort Plain; Colby Fisher (14) 18#10oz. 9.25" beard 3/4 spurs called in by Mark Serafin Amsterdam; Christian Robinson (13) 14#8oz. 5.5" beard 1/2" spurs Called in by Aaron Robinson & Stan Posluszny Amsterdam; Shane Viscosi (13) 12#13oz. 4" Beard 5/8" spurs called in by Patrick Viscosi Fultonville; Hunter Jones (13) 12#6oz. 4" beard 1/4" spurs called in by Grandfather Son Team of Kenny & Dave Jones Mayfield.

Gracious Donations by; Franks Gun Shop,Charles Parrino,Wal*Marts,BCI Ind.,Ricks Robo Car Wash,Louies Food & Fuel,Vince Orcutt,Robert Reakes,Dick Andrews,Gary Dlugas,Kenny Jones,Jason Crouch,Kevin Baudhuin,Stan & Dee Posluszny,John Loucks,Jay Affinito,John Affinito ,Gun Smoke Handgun Safety,Susan Knapik,Joe Benanto,Greg & Roberta Heck,CPR Tent Rentals,Tim Longo,Steve Masters,Fred Kuntzch,Jeremy & Temple Wilson,Annie & Scott Himsle,Stewarts & Danny Sala...Wouldn't be such a success without These People!!! Great Time,Great Stories,Some Lucky & some Hard Luck but all the Kids had one & everyone Had one think that We Love the most HUGE SMILES..


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When I helped Dave Vanderzee, owner of the Easton View Outfitters ranch in Rensselaer County make a dream hunt come true for a young hunter with severe health problems this past October I saw several Texas Dahl Rams roaming around the woods and I knew at some time I would be hunting them. That sometime was just last week. Unfortunately the morning that I arrived at the ranch it was a very cold 7 degrees and the ground was covered with a crusty 10 plus inches of snow. As someone who likes to sneak and peek hunt the 2 1/2 mile perimeter of the preserve, I knew the moving through the crunchy snow was not going to be quiet. 

When I entered the preserve I walked over a small rise toward the swamp I saw movement across the pond on the edge or the swamp. And sure enough it was a group of Rams just coming out into the field. I lay down in the snow and watched them through my scope as they headed for higher ground. I waited until they were behind a hedge row and started up toward them and I knew they could hear me coming. When I finally reached the hedgerow I could see all 12 of them in a tight group looking right at me. They were about 150 yards away slowly moving up toward the woods. I actually could have shot but they were literally in a group so tight; and too close together for me to shoot.

With the hedgerow as cover I was able to get within 150 yards but they still were in that tight group. It was then that I decided to go down and come at them from a different angle. To do this required crawling through the snow to stay out of sight; “That was fun.” I know it took me at least an hour and a half to get to the thick brush. And when I did get there I could see them a long way off but headed my way. This particular hedgerow was so thick I could hardly move much less raise my rifle. If I was going to get any shot here I would need to clean out where I could kneel and make sniper’s hole to shoot from. It was a lot of breaking and bending of branches and twigs but finally I was able to kneel and shoulder the rifle.

By now they were closer but still in that tight group. After kneeling for some time I made a slight movement and they saw it. Now looking through the scope I put the crosshair on what I believe was the leader but he was leaning right against another ram; I still could not shoot safely. Slowly they were walking away and suddenly I saw daylight between “my” ram and the one he had been leaning on. It was now or never. I had one shot and when I squeezed the trigger I had my Texas Dahl ram.

As I walked back down to the barn the ranch hand Doug Everard greeted me and said “saw you sneaking around up there and heard the shot and from the smile on your face I assume you got it; I’ll I get the Kubota RTV and we will go get him.” The ram tipped the scales at 138 pounds and his horns measured 25 and 26 inches long and had 11 and 11 1/2 bases. It was absolutely a great and memorable hunt.

In addition to the Wounded Warrior hunts that I had the privilege to witness at Easton View and more recently a young man with severe disabilities take his first whitetail it offers an excellent opportunity for a parent to take and teach their first time young hunter techniques and hunter safety. And one that I believe is very important is that a preserve hunt offers those with limited incomes and opportunity to experience the excitement of the hunt that they otherwise could not afford.

Now I have also been told that preserve hunting is too easy. Let me just tell you about one of these “easy” hunts.
 Last year on a 90 degree day in July I entered the Easton View preserve at sunup in search of a boar Berkshire pig. I believe on that day I covered every bit of that preserve that included walking through a muddy swamp in which a fell twice, hunted to the top of the preserve twice and did not see a pig until 6 p.m. that afternoon. I was in the upper field catching my breath and quenching my thirst when I saw 4 pigs come out of the heavy brush headed for the swamp. I made my way through the swamp and finally at 7 p.m. I finally clicked off my safety ending the HUNT.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016


After two near misses during the archery and northern zone rifle, Dan Penny of Ballston Spa had to seek the help of longtime friend and hunting partner Michael Galcik. Michael graciously allowed Dan access to one of his most sacred locations. After 2 does and an hour and 15 minute wait, Dan spied a heavy horned 9 pointer approaching his stand location exactly from where he was told to be watching.  Dan sealed the deal with a 100 yard shot from his Browning .308. The buck, which was following the trail of the does, scored 142 inches and weighed in at 158 pounds. Previous trail camera pictures of this buck had him well over the 220 pound mark before the start of the rut. This is the best deer to date for the 58 year old recently retired New York State Police colonel. Quite a nice retirement gift for a close friend!

Friday, December 9, 2016


Every deer hunter dreams of taking a record whitetail buck and James Murphy, Fabius got his wish; but unfortunately it wasn’t with a gun/bow. He was headed home after a day of hunting in the Booneville area when Mr. Big Buck who James thinks was chasing a doe crossed in front of his truck that was traveling at about 40 mph and the deer died quickly. He called the police and when they arrived he chose to keep the buck and tagged it and dressed it out. He knew that this 15 pointer was big and decided to have it mounted. The taxidermist said it was the biggest buck he had seen in his 38 years in business. HOW BIG WAS HE? Using the Boone and Crockett scoring it measured nearly 200 inches. If you want to see it go to;

My good friend and neighbor Dave Rooney, Saratoga, is another 70 year old deer hunter who has taken a big buck this season in the hills of Saratoga County. He spent many days scouting before he located signs of a group of deer in a swampy area of tall pines, hemlocks and spruce. Once the season started he spent sunup to sundown sitting patiently in this area. It was definitely an area where the bucks were rutting. When the snow came he was able to really focus on where the deer were traveling. It was about 3:30 p.m. looked over his shoulder and went eye to eye with a buck no more than 15 feet behind him.

Immediately the buck bolted and at about 30 yards his Remington 750  35 Whelan connected and the deer disappeared in the small beeches. Thinking he had missed he followed the tracks and 75 yards from when he had shot lay his trophy buck. “ Needless to say this this 71 year old hunter was elated with his success.” But the hunt wasn’t over yet. He was a half mile from his ATV; and was hoping he could get it up to his fallen buck. Fortunately he did and only had a 150 yard drag. Dave’s buck carried a 10 point rack with a 19 inch spread and tipped the scales at 180 pounds.