Saturday, April 29, 2017


The Auriemma’s and Andrews kids tournament attracked 32 team and a total attendance of 80 people. And I hope I can get a tom turkey as big as the 8 that did. Leading the way was  Robert Kurharski Jr (13)   22#-13oz  11.25" beard 1-1/8 spurs,His Dad called in the Bird Robert Karharski Sr.  Canajoharie; Jarrett Flanders (14) 22# 8oz  10-3/8" beard 1" spurs called in by Dave Paro & Dwight Flanders; Joshua Hazelton (15) 20#12oz. 8.75" beard 1" spurs Called in by Mark Serafin Amsterdam; Joshua Hazelton (15) 20#12oz. 8.75" beard 1" spurs Called in by Mark Serafin Amsterdam; -Adam Oertel (15) 18#14oz. 10" beard 7/8" spurs called in by Gary Oertel Fort Plain; Colby Fisher (14) 18#10oz. 9.25" beard 3/4 spurs called in by Mark Serafin Amsterdam; Christian Robinson (13) 14#8oz. 5.5" beard 1/2" spurs Called in by Aaron Robinson & Stan Posluszny Amsterdam; Shane Viscosi (13) 12#13oz. 4" Beard 5/8" spurs called in by Patrick Viscosi Fultonville; Hunter Jones (13) 12#6oz. 4" beard 1/4" spurs called in by Grandfather Son Team of Kenny & Dave Jones Mayfield.

Gracious Donations by; Franks Gun Shop,Charles Parrino,Wal*Marts,BCI Ind.,Ricks Robo Car Wash,Louies Food & Fuel,Vince Orcutt,Robert Reakes,Dick Andrews,Gary Dlugas,Kenny Jones,Jason Crouch,Kevin Baudhuin,Stan & Dee Posluszny,John Loucks,Jay Affinito,John Affinito ,Gun Smoke Handgun Safety,Susan Knapik,Joe Benanto,Greg & Roberta Heck,CPR Tent Rentals,Tim Longo,Steve Masters,Fred Kuntzch,Jeremy & Temple Wilson,Annie & Scott Himsle,Stewarts & Danny Sala...Wouldn't be such a success without These People!!! Great Time,Great Stories,Some Lucky & some Hard Luck but all the Kids had one & everyone Had one think that We Love the most HUGE SMILES..


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