Friday, December 9, 2016

My good friend and neighbor Dave Rooney, Saratoga, is another 70 year old deer hunter who has taken a big buck this season in the hills of Saratoga County. He spent many days scouting before he located signs of a group of deer in a swampy area of tall pines, hemlocks and spruce. Once the season started he spent sunup to sundown sitting patiently in this area. It was definitely an area where the bucks were rutting. When the snow came he was able to really focus on where the deer were traveling. It was about 3:30 p.m. looked over his shoulder and went eye to eye with a buck no more than 15 feet behind him.

Immediately the buck bolted and at about 30 yards his Remington 750  35 Whelan connected and the deer disappeared in the small beeches. Thinking he had missed he followed the tracks and 75 yards from when he had shot lay his trophy buck. “ Needless to say this this 71 year old hunter was elated with his success.” But the hunt wasn’t over yet. He was a half mile from his ATV; and was hoping he could get it up to his fallen buck. Fortunately he did and only had a 150 yard drag. Dave’s buck carried a 10 point rack with a 19 inch spread and tipped the scales at 180 pounds.

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