Thursday, November 17, 2016


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At the 4-H Shooting Sports 17 th annual banquet and auction last April I sat at the table with my friend Steve LaBarron, Saratoga when he won the bidding on an African big game hunt with the Kuvhima (Run and Hunt) Outfitters. And what a hunt(s) he had. He arrived on July 1 and headed for the Free State Province. Here he took all 4 species of  Springboks to complete the Grand Slam. He took the Springboks and Blesbuck with a .223 Remington at around 300 yards and a Black Wildebeest at 275 yards with a 30-06.

 On the second day he travel 6 hours to the Limpopo Providence to the main 22,000 acre main lodge ranch. The next morning he shot a Nyala on a ledge 200 yards up a mountain with a .30-06 and watched it go down. But when they climbed up the mountain – no Nyala.  On the third day they spotted an Eland which Steve shot with a .30-06. They estimated the Eland’s weight to be 2600 pounds. On the last day just before dark they spotted the Nyala again but no luck. Then on August 20 th Steve got and email from the PH (professional Hunter) saying they finally caught up with the Nyala and put him down and that they would be shipping the head and cape to him. Steve told me that all his trophies made the Safari Club International Record Book. I am willing to bet that Steve will be bidding on this hunt at next year’s 4H Shooting Sports Banquet again. 

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